Holistic Healing & Wellbeing Therapy



Urban Healing for wellbeing

Accepting that the only way we can truly ‘heal’ is by responding to our self from ourselves is not the easy option. Choosing to look within for the internal answers rather then seek the external fixers goes totally against today’s grain of a fast paced & quick fix society.  More and more of us though are coming to that realisation.

The Holistic Toolbox


We either live, work or play within an over populated & stimulated society, busyness often being the day's agenda. There is increasingly a lost ability to take time out for oneself. Urban Healing recognises that few have the luxury to stop, and that a meditation retreat in a remote corner of the earth isn't always practical.  So we offer support, advice and guidance that works for you. 

Unlocking Your Knowledge


Working with some conventional and less conventional counselling, therapies and coaching techniques. Ancient wisdom and guidance in cohesion with updated scientific studies, sessions  help to unlock and create a more happy, fulfilled and purposeful being. 




Holistic counselling encourages individuals to explore their mind, body and spirit.  Guidance & support encourages an individual through acts of acceptance, forgiveness, compassion and gratitude - each with medical merit and scientific evidence to assist in the healing process.

Meditation & Hypnotherapy


Meditation & Mindfulness is a complementary practice to find peace of mind. Hypnotherapy is used to help with a variety of problems, such as breaking bad habits, overcoming limiting beliefs or coping with stress. 

Sound Healing in a Gong Bath


Gong meditation is a unique type of sound practice that involves using therapeutic gong sounds and vibrations to bring about relaxation & healing.  Sound therapy has long been used to manage a broad range of health conditions. 

Life Coaching


Holistic life coaching helps you change your life by changing the way you operate on a deeper level. Rather than just examining your behaviours, habits, and goals it delves into your deep rooted beliefs and your connection to everything. 

Reiki & Holistic Healing Therapies


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us.

Alternative Therapies


Name charts are a new interpretation of an ancient system of life purpose analysis. It introduces a totally unique and fascinating method of numerology based on sound and vibration of your birth name.